Tuesday, January 15, 2008

second post

IMing part was ez to get going, I've been doing this for several yrs now. I found many of my coworkers IM's and bolgspots, added a few to my buddy list. I use IMing to stay in touch with current student assistants, some xSA's, and a few coworkers. The majority of students use IM more frequently then email due to the fact that it is.....duh...instant or real time. Compared to IMing, email is the new snail mail. On the optional activity, I have already been using meebo of which I forgot my pw to the account and that's ok because I like keeping it simple and not having info over load.

first blog

Creating the blog was simple, got a lil confused on step 2, but figured it out. I dunno what I would end up posting...could b anything & yeah I can c where blogging would b useful n day-to-day work. Alright, off 2 the next activity; IMing......woohooo.